Let Hog Roast Pegwell Take The Reins

Let Hog Roast Pegwell take the reins with the catering for your next special occasion and we’ll take on the stress while providing delicious dishes that everyone you invite can enjoy. Regardless of whether you’re planning a milestone birthday celebration, your wedding day meal, a corporate event or something altogether different, our expertise, experience and training will ensure that you have no worries on the day and you can sit back, relax and feast on the same great food as your guests.

Hog Roast PegwellLike many of our customers, you may well be thinking of having a hog roast centrepiece, in order for us to make you plenty of our renowned pigs in buns (otherwise known as hog roast rolls) or as part of a meal, together with your choice of vegetables and potatoes and accompanied by our homemade apple sauce, stuffing and gravy. Nevertheless, if you prefer something else, we can easily do that for you instead, and with a wealth of possibilities available, you can create your own dream menu with our help.

Hog Roast Pegwell is all-inclusive, meaning we include everyone in terms of catering, so whether you fancy a different meat to be cooked or if you need options for special diets, we’ve got you. You can treat everyone to a spit roast if you like, such as beef, lamb, chicken or turkey, or we can barbecue gourmet sausages, burgers, ribs and kebabs. One of our standalone menus may be just the ticket instead, like our Southern Slow Roast, where you dine on a trio of meats and four sides of your choosing, or our Alfresco, which features Italian-style platters, a hog roast main and then desserts.

We often cater for vegans with a tasty option like barbecued jackfruit served in a bun and crunchy slaw on the side or for vegetarians, we can whip up veggie skewers, mac and cheese or quiche for example. Plus if you’d like several courses, we can make you proud with a variety of canapés, starters, sides and desserts, regardless of whether you want one or many. Contact Hog Roast Pegwell today and we’ll help you plan your next party or event.