Leave Your Corporate Catering To Hog Roast Royal Tunbridge Wells

Last weekend was an exceptionally busy one for our Hog Roast Royal Tunbridge Wells team, who had been hired to assist with a two-day staff training seminar and team-building workshop at a local retailer. The large business, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with once before, had approached us a few weeks before their annual event went ahead and asked that we serve a breakfast and lunchtime menu on both days for all 200 members of their staff.

Having already worked with the client when the workshop last went ahead, Matt, who is our catering manager, was able to make several suggestions that he felt would work really well for the occasion. The client loved Matt’s attention to detail and meticulous planning, and finally, it was decided that a morning menu of sausage and bacon rolls, complete with a hot drinks buffet of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, would be the best way to start both days. The afternoon menus, however, differed quite a bit from Saturday to Sunday.

Hog Roast Royal Tunbridge Wells On the first afternoon, Hog Roast Royal Tunbridge Wells prepared a beautifully succulent feast that included one of our traditionally slow-roasted pigs with homemade sage and onion stuffing, crackling and applesauce accompaniments, served in gluten-free and wholemeal cobs with a variety of salad sides and a fluffy potato dish. For veggies and vegans, the team also included fresh and delicious grilled vegetable kebabs with tzatziki sauce and a sweet chilli dip.

The following afternoon, instead of the Classic Hog Roast Menu, Hog Roast Royal Tunbridge Wells served our Gourmet BBQ feast, which the guests thoroughly enjoyed digging into. Between the handmade British beef burgers, expertly seasoned sausages, sticky spareribs and juicy chicken kebabs, there was something on the menu for everyone, even vegans, who enjoyed our BBQ pulled jackfruit option.

With so many gorgeous flavours to indulge in across both days, the morale among the staff was at an all-time high, and everyone had an absolutely wonderful time. The client was so grateful for the lengths Hog Roast Royal Tunbridge Wells had gone to to make the events a success, and they have already committed themselves to using our services again next year!