Hog Roast Margate for Local Documentary Film Makers

Every year a society for local documentary film makers hosts an evening at an art house cinema for the public to watch the short documentaries made by the talented bunch. There is always a theme for the project centred around something specific to the local area and it is then up to the individuals involved to use their creative and technical skills to research, film and present their own interpretation of the chosen theme. This year the theme was anything to do with local food, whether it be recipes, cooking techniques or the culinary traditions that form part of the area’s identity. Given this year’s topic, Dominic, the Chairman of the Film Society, thought it would be a great idea if they provided some authentic, locally-produced food to compliment what was being seen on screen. Since this is what we specialise in, he didn’t waste any time in hiring Hog Roast Margate to do the honours!

We always love being involved in local events that celebrate the area’s culture and heritage, especially as it gives us the chance to showcase our own contribution to local cuisine, with our fresh Surrey - bread4home-grown ingredients! This particular event drew in a mixed crowd of local film lovers, members of the local press and some of the area’s finest food producers, who had appeared in some of the documentaries and were eager to see how they had been depicted on screen! Needless to say, the Hog Roast Margate team felt very at home with this crowd and we were more than happy to answer everyone’s questions about where we source our ingredients, as we prepared our slow-roasted pork, seasonal vegetables and new potatoes, ready to be served at the after-party.

We were left alone for the next 2 hours, whilst the documentaries were being screened, and by the time the audience began to pour back into the foyer, full of enthusiasm for the inspiring local films they had just watched, we were waiting to offer them some equally inspiring locally-produced food!

Dominic and his documentary-makers had a fantastic night, and everyone was full of praise for what they had accomplished. They were also full of praise for Hog Roast Margate and told us they couldn’t have asked for a more fitting feast for the film finale!