We may require additional cutlery and plates as we aren’t sure of the numbers, will this be a problem?

We we be happy to provide you with as much cutlery and plates, as well as other dining essentials such as table covers, glasses or hankerchiefs as needed.

Some of our guests will be vegetarian, will you be able to provide for them too?

of course, while we pride ourselves in our delicious hog roasts, we also serve a truly tasty vegetarian option to make sure that nobody misses out on the wonderful experience.

Our son is having a party on a Sunday, will Spitting Pig Kent still be able to cater for us on this day?

We at Spitting Pig Kent provide our brilliant service seven days a week throughout the year. As long as you tell us in advance, we will be able to cater for you any day of the week.

If the weather is bad will you still be able to cook the food?

If the weather is not as nice as expected, we will still cater for you. It doesn’t matter if it heavy rain or snowing, as long as we are able to set up the equipment we will carry on.

If we want to hire the machines ourselves, will they be easy to operate.

Absolutely. While our machines are the best in the business, the only require gas so are no more difficult than a barbecue to operate. They also come with an instruction manual to help guide you through.

When you are arranging a party, we at Spitting Pig Kent understand that sometimes some details get forgotten about. That is why we will be happy to help you with any additional materials that you may have forgotten, or realise you do not have enough of. This can be anything to extra plates and cutlery to table covers if you require find more people want to attend after they find out you have chosen Spitting Pig Kent to cater for you.This is to make sure the whole thing can carry on running as smoothly as possible.

Speaking of guests, we also understand that not everyone will want to eat the hog or other meats that are being cooked on one of our spit roasting machines. This is why we also provide an excellent menu option so we are able to cater for everybody in the Kent region. Just take a look at our menus to see what are available for vegetarians or other people who cannot eat meat. we guarantee that they will love our food just as much as the people enjoying our hog roasts.

We want to be able to provide this service to every person possible any day of the week. If you want to have a spitting Pig hog roast on a cold winter’s in Herne Bay or a glorious summer’s afternoon in Margate or Sandwhich, we will be happy to accommodate you. It doesn’t matter if you choose to have on of our delicious hog roasts on a Sunday, out team will still arrive and provide the same excellent service as they would any other day of the week and we will not finish until all of your guests have eaten all they could possible manage.

As well as providing you with this service whatever the day, we will also be more than willing to cater for you whatever the weather. Just as long as our trucks and cars are able to drive to your location and set up are machines, we will be good to go. We will also happily take our machines indoors or beneath a cover if we have to. If this does happen, we will expect no additional charges and will still be able to serve the same delicious food as always.

One thing people do worry about is the ease of use of the machines. we assure you that there is nothing to worry about. We even had one man in Gravesend who found cooking on one of our spit roast machines so much he does it nearly every week now. They take roughly 10 minutes to assemble and come with an instruction manual to help guide you through every set of the way.