Hog Roast Chislehurst Cater at University Winter Warmer Social

This week saw Hog Roast Chislehurst go to university! We had been asked to cater at one of the university halls annual ‘Winter Warmer’ evening. This event usually entailed some good food, music and competitions to entice students along.

We set up our stall in the foyer and straight away had students looking for a taste of our Hog Roast Chislehurst. Unfortunately for them the hog still had another few hours of roasting, so they would have to come back later on for the event…

Hog Roast Chislehurst Eventually the event was well and truly underway. The main draw for many students had been the chance to win £100 from a ‘beer pong’ tournament. If you are unfamiliar with the game, it involves throwing a ping pong ball across the table into cups of beer with the other team having to drink the cup if the other team scores. The first team to score in all of the cups wins, with alcohol involved it really was a tense tournament!

After the lucky winners were announced and they go their hands on the prize everyone turned their attention to food which meant Hog Roast Chislehurst were up! One had prepared a student feast in the form of slow roasted hog with crispy crackling, homemade applesauce and fresh bread rolls. We also made sure we had lots of seasonal vegetables to give these students a hearty meal as many of them even commented this was the best meal they’d had at uni. We thought that was a decent compliment!

In no time at all the Hog Roast Chislehurst had been devoured and we had already been asked back again next year by the hall dean who said more students than ever had come to the event and he was sure that was down to our hog roast. We were thrilled to be asked back and agreed that next time we would bring an extra hog as the first one hadn’t lasted long at all!