Hog Roast Aylesford Put On A Classic Hog Roast For K Sports

No matter how big or small an event is, Hog Roast Aylesford will always find a way to make any occasion feel extra special by serving enough delicious food to feed an army (we’re not even exaggerating!) and bringing along the bubbly and enthusiastic personalities they are renowned for. Recently, the team faced one of their biggest challenges yet when they were called by Danielle who was looking for some help in hosting a corporate catering event for K Sports at their club in Ditton.

Hog Roast AylesfordWith a guest list of 269 people to serve, the pressure was on for Hog Roast Aylesford who quickly started making plans for the big day which took place last month. After going over the variety of options we have on offer with our expert catering manager Jake, Danielle decided on a classic hog roast menu with a couple of different vegetarian alternatives for those following plant-based diets.

Finally, it was time for the event to take place, and in the early afternoon under blue skies, the Hog Roast Aylesford catering crew set up their gazebos and launched themselves into doing what they do best – roasting a pig! Using our Hogmaster Pro, the team effortlessly created our famous slow roasted hog with juicy pulled pork, crispy crackling and served them with sweet apple sauce and stuffing. But despite what our name might suggest, pork isn’t the only meat we offer and the menu of the day also included our locally sourced free-range chicken served with homemade onion gravy, gourmet sausages, 100% beef handmade burgers and meaty spare ribs. For vegetarians in attendance, Russ and the team organised grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers which were served up with our inclusive side options.

We’re pleased to say that Danielle’s K Sports event was a huge hit with everyone involved, and while the children enjoyed playing on the bouncy castles and making use of the rolling green field, the adults circled the gazebo’s and experimented with the vast selection of foods on offer by adding different meats and sauces to the bread rolls and wraps which were available.