Events In The March Snow With Hog Roast Sevenoaks

Hog Roast SevenoaksWell just as we were all getting excited about the Spring season on comes a flurry of snow and a cold snap to remind us all that winter is still very much here in the UK! Still, however, even with the snow and cold there were still plenty of excellent events for Hog Roast Sevenoaks to warm up with our excellent hog roast rolls. For one client this past week their event was supposed to a nice light alfresco catered menu enjoyed out in the sun with Hog Roast Sevenoaks aiding with our outdoor catering services.

This was to be a birthday enjoyed under the Spring weather, but of course that Spring weather threw us all a surprise as it often does, and so both Hog Roast Sevenoaks and our client had to quickly pivot into an indoor solution. That is never a problem for the Hog Roast Sevenoaks team though; our equipment is specially designed to be mobile and be used indoor or out, so we could cook just as we would have for the outdoor service.

Hog Roast SevenoaksWith the slight alteration to the service and the location of the event both we and the client thought it may be a good idea to slightly alter menu plans too. Now instead of a lighter alfresco menu with tastes of the sunny Mediterranean in our artisanal cheese and fine Italian meats platter the event called for something heartier to warm the day. If it’s comforting foods you are wanting then there is nothing better in Britain than a good old fashioned roast, and it just so happens that Hog Roast Sevenoaks is the premier roast caterer!

So of course we were more than happy to get out hog roast going and soon had a hot roll service with teas and coffees. Guests could enjoy a delicious hog roast roll made fresh from our whole roasted pig, or a barbecue jackfruit roll as a vegetarian alternative, or we grilled up our gourmet sausages too all to be served along with roast potatoes and a fresh salad and coleslaw. The perfect bit of dining to warm up a wintery shower!

Sunshine, rain, or snow – Hog Roast Sevenoaks always delivers all the same!