looking forward to November

Spit roast pig and spit roast turkey were cooked, served and consumed in full on Saturday the 27th, one of the last weekend days of the month of October. The hog roast job was for a wedding, we catered a spit roast pig at the reception and later on in the evening I cooked again the spit roast pig, this time with spit roast turkeys as a second option, and I had Anthony join me for the evening to cook some starters, canapes, sides, salads and a scrumptious dessert to top it all off. The evening was a buffet and even though it was a great informal party atmosphere compared with the reception earlier on, the buffet took much more hog roast skill and effort to prepare given it was the full buffet menu, which is why I had Anthony come in to give a predictably needed helping hand. Despite the bigger, more wholesome menu, the hog roast work was done to perfect Spitting Pig standards. You would think with most the guests already having the spit roast pig earlier in the day that they would want something different in the spit roast turkey option, but that wasn’t the case, they actually loved the pig so much that a good majority had it again.

There was more hog roast jobs that were lined up for the coming days which was a good result for me, nothing better than having some jobs consistently back to back, lets you get in the hog roast groove much easier. Two business breakfasts were what followed up on the Monday and Tuesday, both from spit roast pig business menu 1. Spit roast pig on bread with apple sauce, crackling, stuffing and guests choice of the optional condiments we provide.

Wednesday was the very last day of the month but also the last hog roast job for me as I had Thursday and Friday booked off. For Wednesday the job was to cook a hog roast for a post-funeral collation. The collation took place at a pub, the gathering was informal and it was just me at the venue cooking the pig. There were over 150 guests in all but we fed only about 80, predictably with the collation being held on a weekday many people couldn’t stay for too long.

I’m looking forward to November, we’re booked for a few bonfire night celebrations which should be awesome.