Catering in Selling.

We’re gearing up for the Christmas season at Spitting Pig we have been catering all around the selling area and are having a great time in doing so, and at Christmas we like to do things a little bit different – that’s why I’ve spent the last few weeks checking with our butchers and suppliers to source the very best turkeys available for a bit of seasonal spit roasting. Yes, at this time of year alongside the delicious hog roast Chilham pigs we’re famous for we’ll also be cooking plenty of festive turkeys, and guess what – they roast up a treat, just as good as the tender roast pork we’re used to providing the rest of the year. Of course, we happily provide all kinds of alternative roasted meats all year round, with sirloin and lamb being big favourites too, but it’s only when November comes around that we start getting as many orders for anything else as we do for our plump hogs. I’ve made a couple of batches of cranberry sauce already to fine tune recipe – you’ll be glad to know it looks like I’ve still got the knack, and it seems to be tasting just as good as last years!

Christmas comes but once a year, but this months’ most unusual event was in aid of something a bit rarer – once every four years to be exact. A US election party in Chilham which ran late into the night with lots of expats and politics hunkering down over roast pork baps to await the state by state results coming in through the evening. We were serving pretty late, but they were still going strong when we packed up and left at three AM. It was a great atmosphere with a big sense of (fortunately) friendly rivalry seeing the Democrats clustered around one side of the room and the Republicans over on the other. There were at least a three or four couples divided by the political split! It was all very good humoured, although there were some quite fierce political debates going on and big choruses of cheers and moans as the swing states were announced. They may have had their political differences, but one thing they all most definitely agreed on was the quality of the hot pork rolls that were keeping them going through the evening – they may not unite over healthcare or tax issues, but I can tell you now that the Democrats and the GOP united to congratulate the organiser who booked Spitting Pig Kent to cater their party. Red and Blue, they all loved the tender roast posk and crispy crackling carved off the hog on our hog roast hire Chilham roasting machine. And the best thing about being in the Garden of England? The apples that I cooked up into the apple sauce that we served up on those rolls came from just down the road – I know the man who grows them! Anyway, congratulations to President Obama and his team, commiserations to Mitt, and I hope your month’s been as much fun as ours has!