Love Cooking? Love People? You Could Be Perfect For Catering!

Hog Roast New RomneyOne of the things that we like to champion here at Hog Roast New Romney is bringing others into the wonderful world of hog roast catering. We know ourselves how an excellent a craft it is, and how excellent a privilege it is to be able to serve up this classic dish at some of the most special occasions in people’s lives all around the country. It almost feels unfair that we should keep this all to ourselves, so we don’t!

Hog Roast New Romney began several decades ago as just one small team looking to bring something new to the catering market. Since then we’ve been able to develop and grow into a mass of franchises and teams all across the UK. One of the ways we have done so is by regularly inviting others to join the Hog Roast New Romney family as their own franchisee. That means the opportunity to start and run your own catering business with the aid of the Hog Roast New Romney umbrella. You don’t have to sweat all the little stuff as our team can put together events for you and allow you to pick the ones you want to do – meaning you work your own hours with no pressure from us. It’s a great gateway to owning your own business and learning all the ins and outs with the extra safety netting of a brilliant family behind you.

Now, who might catering be for? It is by no means an easy industry, but it is a great and rewarding one. Events can be long, but you are getting to be a part of some truly special life moments for others, and in fact have a baring on how those memories will be made with your delicious and stylish foods. It is therefore a profession perfect for anyone that first loves cooking, and equally loves meeting and chatting to people too. You have to be something of a people person since the job is to be in front of others and make them feel welcomed while you’re serving. It’s one of the most interesting aspects of the job for most of our Hog Roast New Romney members as no day is ever the same since it’s always new people in front of you!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Then come speak to your Hog Roast New Romney team today!