Level Up Your Barbecues This Summer With Hog Roast Hythe

Hog Roast HytheIt may not feel quite like it with the Spring showers and the sudden cold snap again, but the oncoming May Day signifies the beginning to the European summer, and when you are in Britain then summer means one thing: barbecues! A classic of British summer dining, we all love to get out to the park or fire up the grill in the garden when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. But so often the tradition of barbecuing is beset by issues: the grill isn’t hot enough, everyone else has snapped up the last of the disposable barbecues and the good meats from the supermarket, or the wind is keeping your barbecue from being able to heat up. We all know what its like to have the excitement of heading to a barbecue with your friends only for all the arguments to fall around the barbecue as the whole operation struggles along.

Hog Roast HytheBut what if there was a way not only to guarantee that that won’t happen this, but that also the entire barbecue could have premium level meats and chef homemade specials this summer? That is what we at Hog Roast Hythe can provide for your barbecues this summer. We are a caterer that specialises in fine meat dining as you might have heard – particularly in roasting pork’s and red meats – but our expertise also extend to the grill as our mobile roasting units come with special attachments to go from roast cooker to barbecuing master. With such state of the art equipment at our disposal and a team of highly skilled chefs we have the best barbecue menu in catering. Enjoy all your British favourites – pork sausages, beef burgers, chicken kebabs, skewers – but with a Hog Roast Hythe gourmet twist. We hand make our burgers and sausages, we marinate our BBQ ribs for many hours, we season and shape our own chicken kebabs, and we do so all fresh for the very best tastes of the summer.

By calling in a Hog Roast Hythe team for your barbecue event you’ll be guaranteeing a high-end dining experience without having to do any of the work. Just work on your tan and tuck in to as many rolls and sides as you wish – we’ve got your summer plans hot to trot!