A Surprise Workplace Visit From Our Hog Roast Bladbean Elves

It’s the most wonderful time of year, which of course means the most wonderful roast dinner of the year is ready to come out and be enjoyed again and again by Hog Roast Bladbean guests as our festive menu makes its way to your events and workplaces this December.

Yes, with it being Christmas time our Hog Roast Bladbean elves have been out and about sharing their Christmas cheer to our customers, and this past week that meant surprising one of our local business partner’s workplaces with a special festive catered lunch. Throughout the year Hog Roast Bladbean will regularly work with local businesses to supply in-office lunchtime catering. Businesses such as Joyce’s, who called us up last week to make a special request for her employees.

Hog Roast BladbeanJoyce loves a bit of Christmas, and she knows that Hog Roast Bladbean does too, so having used our lunchtime corporate catering many times before she wanted to do something a little extra special for her staff by having our culinary elves make a secret visit to surprise them with. The Hog Roast Bladbean team was only too happy to indulge her.

To sell the surprise Joyce scheduled a whole office meeting for her team of 23. Employees might have thought that they would be going over the schedule for December, but instead Joyce settled them all in and switched off the office lights. At that point she turned on some Christmas music while our team wheeled on in with our roasting machine (carrying a fresh whole roasted pig) adorned in Christmas lights. The staff couldn’t have reacted better, clearly taken completely by surprise and delighted to find that their workplace meeting was now instead turning into a special Christmas lunch from Hog Roast Bladbean.

The surprised team tucked into the hog roast, along with our homemade stuffing, pigs in blankets, apple sauce, roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, carrots, and sprouts. For an extra dessert we also had decorated mince pies that were enjoyed while the team listened to Christmas tunes and got into the festive spirit. Mission very much accomplished on spreading the Christmas cheer this week at Hog Roast Bladbean!