Wedding extravaganza in Folkstone

Welcome to this months blog.

Hope your start to the new year was good and now that January has flown by, February is here and it is known for being one of the coldest months although the blossoming of flowers is a sign that spring is to come.

Not only do we have Valentines Day on the 14th of this month but it’s also the month for one of the biggest sporting event like the six nations championships.

   This month we are attending a Wedding extravaganza in Folkstone where we will be serving up a great feast with the Pig slowly being spit roasted then carved to go inside our soft floured rolls with the accompaniment of sauces where the host’s will be showing off their Bridal gowns and accessories while we cater the food. Here at Spitting Pig Kent we attend so many different events from Garden parties to Wedding’s to corporate  and charity events. No doubt the brides- to- be will be talking about their special day and hopefully our excellent food too and will spread the word to family and friends.

  It’s surprising just how many people firstly think about a Hog Roast now as appose to a traditional buffet, although our Menu’s can also be in the style of  buffet if that’s what our customer’s prefer.

Book in advanced so you won’t be disappointed if your holding an event or even if you just want a quote if your comparing prices.