Corporate Hospitality

When catering at a corporate event we understand the importance of taste, quality and service and that we must deliver all three to the highest possible standard. In the past we have attended business and networking evenings ourselves, as guests and we decided to give local businesses and event organisers an alternative to the food on offer and our corporate hospitality menu packages and service was born!


Having a lot of experience catering for large functions ourselves we knew how to create good exciting food and worked out special menus designed specifically for corporate functions that were fresh, bursting with taste and flavour and well presented by professional serving staff. As with all our other menus we knew only to use the finest products and freshest meats. This teamed with our expertise and professional service was the perfect combination for our corporate catering experience.

Since then we have not looked back and our popularity has soared as we have catered literally hundreds of different corporate occasions in and around the local area. Each time we have left satisfied customers, full of praise and thanks and more often than not the organisers have been so ecstatic with the success of the event that a repeat booking is confirmed before we have even left the building.

If you are planning this type of event yourself then don’t let your business associates leave with a bad taste in their mouths. Impress them with the very best and treat them to a special feast that they will never forget. Give them the best possible impression of yourself and the company you work for. Whatever the mood you are trying to create we have the perfect menu solution from relaxed snack style menus to elaborate banquets.