A very special event

We were catering for a very special event on Saturday a wedding and the wedding of one of our spitting pig chefs a very special occasion and one were we were so looking forward too! Hog roast had to really bend our chef’s arm and tell him in no uncertain terms that no he was not allowed to cook on his Wedding Day! And after much persuading he did agree we drafted in our second in command chef and he was more than happy to fill his place for the day, our chef did Taylor make his menu and helped with lots of the organising and at the finish we had to chase him home the eve before his wedding! We arrived at the venue in plenty of time a converted barn and a wonderful venue with lots of room for us to set up our machines. Upon arrival we wasted no time and placed the pig and chickens onto the machine a sit down luncheon was on the menu with an array of wonderful fresh vegetables and thick gravy after a half hour the air was filled with the wonderful smell of meat just as the bridal party arrived and what made it even more special as we were not going to miss out watching our chef getting married as he was actually getting married in the wonderful grounds and we left the machines and the meat to cook slowly as we removed our aprons and took our places to watch the service. The service was wonderful and we were ever so proud of our chef he looked so handsome and his bride was radiant too! as soon as the service finished we dashed to our posts just in time to serve as the food was al cooked and it really gave us so much pleasure serving our chef as he works incredibly hard and ever has time off he really did deserve to be spoilt for the day! And he did say that our second in command chef did a splendid job and the chef was really was pleased with that a compliment for the master himself!