Hog Roast Sittingbourne

Hog Roast SittingbourneThe town of Sittingbourne began life many hundreds of years ago as, basically, an entire town on just one street! From the 1700’s to 2007 Sittingbourne had a thriving paper mill industry. It boasted the largest paper mill in the world.

It was to this ancient town that I was invited to be a part of a gathering in the courtyard of the town’s 600 year old pub. Smack dab in the middle of town centre, it was expected this event would draw hundreds of hungry, happy people. It was a busy Saturday in spring and I was very pleased to have been asked along. I brought my Titan hog roasting Machine, which I purchased from the Spitting Pig Company some years back when I decided to move into full time catering.

This particular day we were able to set up on a fairly level, paved area that was well-sheltered from the elements. However, that’s not always the case as we are often asked to cater events on the beach or on grassy, rutted terrain. None of these are any problem to the Spitting Pig Company’s machines. I also own the larger titan roasting machine, and ease of transport is one of its many fine features.

To ensure that hog roast Sittingbourne went smoothly, my partner and I quickly got the Titan situated, always an easy task as it has four hearty tyres, making it very manoeuvrable indeed. We always set up a table next to the roaster which has sauces and other bits and pieces people might like to add to their meal. On this occasion, there were salads provided by the pub as well. I noticed tables and chairs to accommodate about 50 people were set up in the courtyard which gave me some idea how many I’d be serving at any one time.

We got the chickens on the go almost immediately and it wasn’t long before the aromas of roasting chickens and succulent pork was wafting down the small walkway toward the main street. This is always the point which people otherwise engaged in shopping activities, will be drawn straight to my roaster.

Another advantage to catering outdoor events, especially roasting at outdoor events, I’m always able to not only hand out my business cards, but also speak to a number of interested folk about how easily hog roast hire Sittingbourne works with the Spitting Pig toprightCompany. You can purchase your machine outright, and believe me when I say, it will pay for itself after just a couple events, or you can take advantage of their hog roast hire Sittingbourne packages, all of which are very competitively priced. Any way you look at it, if you do the job right and determine ahead of time how much you need to purchase, you are sure to end up in profit.

Because costs are basically quite low relative to the number of people you are serving, you can sell your sandwiches, or hot wings or whatever you choose to sell, for a reasonable, affordable price. This obviously increases people’s attraction to any event.
The sandwiches went down a treat with everyone. The wife’s homemade applesauce is always appreciated and at this particular event, we decided to serve our homemade sage stuffing, too, which, when sliced, makes an excellent addition to any sandwich or plate of food. The day went so smoothly, it was rather a surprise when it finished. Nothing goes down better than hog roast Sittingbourne catering. I’d met so many grand people in Sittingbourne that day and marvelled at its incredible history. Kent is a very old part of England and the entire area is filled with beautifully preserved architecture whether it be churches or houses. But most of all, as I nearly always do, I enjoyed the people. I enjoyed talking about the Titan Roasting Machine most of all, and walked away happy, secure in the knowledge that everyone served enjoyed themselves enormously.