Hog Roast Margate

Hog Roast MargateLovely Margate. The sunny seaside town in Kent and home to over fifty five thousand people. A little slice of sunshine in the Garden of England. The scene of many happy childhood holidays and probably many more to come for many people. I love Margate.

With quite a big population, Margate is not just a place for trippers but a busy place in its own right and that means that there are always events and functions being organised here, whether for the tourists or the residents. That means lots of parties, lots of birthdays, lots of anniversaries and a lot of catering! Trouble is, catering can be so hit and miss, with a miss far more likely. That’s why, if you are planning a special occasion or event then you really need to consider making it a hog roast Margate event.

The folk of Margate are after that little bit something special in their catering and I’m afraid the usual suspects of pizzas, pies and sausage rolls just won’t cut the mustard. People have grown tired of the boring old party foods and they have been after something different and exciting for years. That is why a hog roast hire Margate caterer could really prove to be a masterstroke when you sort out organising your special event.

Book a hog roast hire Margate caterer and you are almost certainly going to have no worries about the quality of the food because quality is a word that could be applied to every hog roast you ever taste, they are that good. A lot of the magic starts when the hog roast Margate chef will choose the pig for your event. Now, everyone knows that good ingredients are vital to a great meal but it’s something that is so often overlooked, especially when it comes to catering, but the Margate hog roast caterer is a different type of caterer. They really care about the flavour and they care about the ingredients, which is why every pig that they select for a hog roast has to pass their strict criteria. It has be from a good local supplier, has to be well reared and it has to have just the right amount of fat, because without that, the crackling just won’t be right.

The meat is only the start! You should think about how long the chef is going to take to cook this beast of a feast. Well, you need patience when you are a hog roast chef because it can take around six hours to cook the perfect pig. Now, I know that a pig is a big animal and that it is bound to take a while to cook but there are some other good reasons behind this long cooking time. Meat always tastes better when it is slowly roasted. It’s a fact! All that time slowly cooking helps make the meat juicy, tender and succulent which means that your guests are going to get a slice of food heaven when they take their first bite. But don’t go thinking that you’ll be waiting all night for your food – the chef will have started off beforehand. Otherwise it could be a long, long wait!

bbq 2Of course, it is not only pig that we cook. We also cater for guests requiring Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Sirloin of Beef as well as a BBQ consisting of 100% beef burgers and chefs own gourmet sausages. A recent event saw us roast whole chickens for 50 guests at a surprise birthday party. With slow roasted chicken, a selection of two freshly prepared salads and warm new potatoes in herb butter on your plate you could be mistaken for thinking you are at a 5-star restaurant. Once you have tasted our food you will realize you have hired a 5-star catering experience. Full bellies and big smiles are what we like to see after any event we cater at and this event was no exception with many of the guests coming to the serving station after they’d had their meal to thank us and tell us how much the enjoyed it.

Hog roast is not only a tasty big beast but it’s a very generous one too, and this is one of the reasons why hog roast is so affordable considering how big and brilliant it is. A typical Margate hog roast is going to generate enough meat to feed over one hundred people, which is pretty amazing. If you were getting worried about your cost per head then it’s time to think again, and maybe invite all the people you originally crossed off!
And that’s not all. Hog roast is the king of catering versatility, don’t you know? Supposing your event is a wedding breakfast and you want to really turn on the style. Well, your hog roast chef is a bit of a marvel when it comes to making hog look posh. With some very nimble carving and some delicious crackling, sauce, vegetables and potatoes, you have the ultimate gourmet hog roast. Then again, if your party is a younger and more informal occasion, you can still delight everyone’s taste buds with hot hog roast rolls.

I hope that I have convinced you that a Margate hog roast is not simply a brilliant idea but an absolutely essential one if you are looking for the ultimate catering solution. Just keep it to yourself before everybody starts having hog roasts!