Hog Roast Margate – A Warm Welcome to All Our New Clients

The Prime Minister’s announcement of the 4 week pause to lockdown lifting and the various rule changes that brought along with it changed a lot of what we could do with our already scheduled events. Hog Roast Margate has been hard at work over the last week since attending to our customers new issues and working personally with each one to find correct and comfortable solutions for all.

Hog Roast Margate But while the new changes perhaps offered stresses and issues for events already in planning, Hog Roast Margate have been delighted this week to see a flood of new customers coming in now, confident in hosting events now that there is a bit more concrete grounding for how events can continue on. The rules have been made clear and so new clients are feeling ready to bring out their own events together with us here at Hog Roast Margate, and we are extremely grateful that they have chosen us. So from all at Hog Roast Margate, a quick hello and welcome to all our new friends!

We are delighted to welcome you all into the Hog Roast Margate family and we would like to state here that we will do everything we can, with confidence and style, to ensure that your events are the best they possibly can be. We’re a caterer quite like no other from the way we serve to the foods we cook, to the way we work personally with each of our clients. You’ll soon find that with Hog Roast Margate it is like walking seamlessly into family.

Now that you have a better idea of how events can look we will be doing our utmost to keep you safe while making your day a truly special one. As rule changes progress too we will work in confidence to keep opening up our event scenarios to allow even more freedom and safety to all our client’s events. This has been a brief hiccup to our plans but we’re still happy to see the light oh so close at the end of the tunnel, and we are delighted that you can join us just as we cross it!