Hog Roast Hildenborough

pigs 17We spend most of our lives looking back at things and often, sadly, thinking how we may have been able to do things a little better or a little differently. And often we look back to the way things were in the hope that we can somehow recreate the past. It’s a bit like the old sweet shop that everyone recalls so fondly. It’s no wonder that there has been a resurgence in the old style sweet shop.

So, should we look back for inspiration when it comes to catering for special occasions or should we stay modern and look to the future? What would the four thousand folk of Hildenborough do? Well, I suspect they would do a little bit of both because a hog roast Hildenborough event is a bit of a case of back to the future!

Hog roast is an interesting one in that it is a feast with a rich history. A Medieval history, no less, making it a particularly old option, which makes it all the more remarkable that hog roast hire Hildenborough events should be enjoying such a surge in popularity. And this is where it gets a bit modern, you see. The new breed of TV chefs have made a big thing of bringing some of the old principles of great cooking back into the modern arena, and this means looking at some of the old rustic type meals. Of course, you can’t get more rustic and back to basics than hog roast and it is perhaps this indirect endorsement that has helped boost hog roast and make the hog roast hire Hildenborough caterer a very busy person indeed.

Flexible Hog Roasting In Hildenborough

A hog roast Hildenborough event is a great way to give your guests a little taste of the past but with a truly modern spin. If you have never tried hog roast before then there are a couple of things that you need to know. Hog roast is an incredible tasting meat. It doesn’t seem to matter in what form you eat it, hog roast always tastes amazing. There always seems to be something quite magical about roasted meat but hog roast is something else entirely. It really is a quite special feast and one that certainly befits such a big food! And that brings me to the other point. Hog roast is a real eyeful of a feast. Not surprising really as we are talking about a whole pig, which may not sound big until you see it up close. And when you have a big unit of meat like that, it takes some big cooking to get it cooked. That’s why it takes a whole six hours to cook a Hildenborough hog roast to perfection. Slow roasting is best for all meats but especially hog roast. It allows the meat time to soak up all those great tasting juices in the meat which help to make the meat so succulent. You’ll know when it is nearly ready to eat because the aromas are just impossible to ignore.

Hog Roast HildenboroughAny event that is catered for by hog roast Hildenborough is done so with the utmost professional approach and no event is considered too big or too small. From 10 to 10,000 guests; our highly trained staff are happy to be at your service. We recently catered a small event for just 30 guests at a presentation night for a local football team. Footballers obviously have a huge appetite so it no surprise they opted for a whole roasted Pig and a whole roasted Lamb. Both consisted of accompaniments that only enhance the already immense flavour created buy our expert chefs. Both meats were served onto soft floured rolls, freshly baked by the Chef. It was such a great night and the atmosphere rivalled that at any title winning professional side; this was due to the loud but fun nature of the host and manager whose double act really added to the night. Of course, on a night of brilliance, hog roast Hildenborough stole the show. This is something we have come to expect at all of our events.

Hog roasting is a budget buster of a catering solution, which may surprise you as it looks so amazing. How can a meal that requires the attentions of a chef for six long hours be anything less than expensive? Well, there are cheaper options available but nowhere will you match the flavour and fresh cooking of a hog roast. Even more remarkable is just how much meat you can get from a single hog roast. A typical Hildenborough hog roast provides enough meat to serve over one hundred guests, so if you were worried about blowing your budget and were planning to cut back on the guest list think again. You may be able to add a few names to the list!

Hog roast truly is an unsung hero in catering circles and it can transform your event into one that is spellbinding. There are so many aspects of a hog roast event that make it so special; you can easily forget them all. The dedication of the chef in choosing the best quality pig for your event, the six hours that the chef will spend carefully cooking your meal, the wonderful visuals of a hog roast that will greet your lucky guests and the incredible flavours that hog roast is so well known for. Never has longing for the past treated us with such a treat as this. Take a leaf out of our medieval history and make sure your Hildenborough event is a hog roast event.