Oktoberfest Themed Hog Roast Denstroude Catering for an Evening Wedding Reception!

Oktoberfest fans Dan and Julia have spent many happy and rowdy occasions attending Oktoberfest celebrations all over Europe and even got engaged during last year’s festival in Munich! So, when it came to planning their wedding, the lederhosen-loving pair could think of nothing better than having an Oktoberfest themed reception! They wanted the food to be hearty, high quality and authentic, with lots of lovely meat and sausages being freshly made in front of their guests whilst everyone raised a stein or two to the happy couple. They had contacted a few catering companies and explained their theme, but they weren’t happy with what they had been able to offer, but all that changed when they got in touch with us here at Hog Roast Denstroude! They loved the sound of our traditional slow roasted pork being cooked on-site, not to mention our delicious handmade gourmet hot dogs and varied side dishes! Dan and Julia knew immediately that our food, cooking techniques and the style of service that we could provide offered them everything that wanted for their Oktoberfest themed wedding reception!

Hog Roast DenstroudeWith everything in place, the couple couldn’t wait for the big day – that was until they received the news that due to Covis-19 restrictions, their wedding reception could only still go ahead if they adhered to social distancing and cut their guest list down to just 15 people. They were understandably disappointed but the Hog Roast Denstroude team reassured them that we had the flexibility to still give them their ideal wedding reception whilst adhering to the current requirements, if the couple were happy to have a much smaller party than they planned. They decided that they still wanted their wedding to go ahead, and we promptly made all the necessary adjustments to the scope of their menu and our service style, which was initially intended to be a buffet where everyone could dig in and help themselves. Even though it wasn’t the large-scale affair that they had envisaged, with Hog Roast Denstroude’s help, the newlyweds still had a fabulous evening, fantastic food that fitted their theme perfectly, and as they both agreed, their best Oktoberfest celebration to date!