Hog Roast Faversham BBQ

When you have glorious sunshine there is only one catering option you have to go for- a BBQ. And whats better than just any old BBQ where the meats are burnt to a crisp and nothing is ready at the same time? A Hog Roast Faversham BBQ of course! Our purpose-built machines make the most spectacular BBQs with a huge capacity meaning we can cook everything in time and without burning it. During the summer months in fact Hog Roast Faversham become BBQ specialists, catering at least five a week and so it is no wonder we have become some sort of expert on the technique.

Hog Roast Faversham This weekend we had been asked to come and provide a BBQ for our client Sarah at her own home in Upchurch. Our Hog Roast Faversham catering manager Jake was on had to liaise with Sarah in the run up to her event about what types of food she would be requiring as well as taking note of any dietary requirements her guests may have. Sarah decided on a classic BBQ menu including our butcher’s selection sausages, chicken thighs and beef burgers and she asked us if it would be okay to supply her own prawns for the BBQ. Of course, this was no problem and we arranged for Jake to cook them along with the rest of the food.

Once we arrived at Sarah’s home we quickly got set up with just an hour to go until guests arrived. A BBQ doesn’t take as long as a Hog Roast Faversham roast, but we still always give ourselves plenty of time because we always want to serve up only the freshest and most delicious food. With everything on the BBQ including some grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers for the vegetarians , it truly was a fantastic sight to see not to mention the mouth-watering scent drifting off the BBQ…