Hog Roast Chatham Garden Party

One of the things that makes Hog Roast Chatham stand out from other caterers is the fact that we are truly capable of catering from anywhere and everywhere. Our teams of professional caterers will travel far and wide to deliver a Hog Roast Chatham to your door. No matter where your venue is whether it be your own home, a magnificent stately home or a field in the middle of nowhere! Thanks to the design of our Hog Roast Chatham machines we are able to cater from absolutely anywhere with our only requirements being access to a fresh water supply and plenty of ventilation.

Hog Roast Chatham For one of Hog Roast Chatham’s events this week we had been asked by our client to come and cater from his own home in Oxford. This was no problem at all, and we mentioned that we would be happy to cater either indoors or outdoors depending on the set up of the event. Thankfully, as the weather was forecast to pour on the date of the event, we had been informed that there would be a large marquee where the party was being held and that we would be able to cater from there. Lovely!

We arrived on site and quickly got to work to prepare food for the sixty guests with a serve time of 2 pm. Our client who was organising the event had requested a classic Hog Roast Chatham menu from catering manager Jake which would be no problem at all.

First job as always is to get the pig roasting away to allow it the maximum amount of time to become beautifully tender ready for serving. Next, we prepared our vegetarian option of grilled vegetable skewers with halloumi pieces. This Hog Roast Chatham feast would be complete with tangy applesauce and sage and onion stuffing and served up onto wooden bamboo crockery and cutlery. We were then all set for a brilliant event!